92% of buyers use the Internet to begin the search for their future home. And taking into account the unstoppable advances in online marketing, it is imperative that you adapt to what lies ahead. But do you know what those advances are? Have you stopped to think about what the real estate marketing trends will be in 2020?

2019 ends and leaves the odd advance of what is to come  in the world of digital marketing. Many new societies like capital smart city was started in last year. For starters, if you run a business in the real estate sector it is no longer enough to have an Internet presence. You must act correctly. And what does success in digital marketing depend on? To anticipate, to adapt and to reach where others have not yet arrived. Especially your competition like Sky Marketing

Although the real estate sector has lived better moments, the competition is evident. Therefore, we must always seek differentiation. For this reason today we bring you 12 real estate marketing ideas in 2020 that will help you have a broader view of what is happening. With them you will learn how to improve your business to adapt to changes and be up to date.

Real estate marketing ideas in 2020

In an age when Internet noise cannot be greater, it is no secret that content is more important than ever. Customizing and cultivating meaningful relationships is now the reality of an effective marketing strategy . And in the real estate industry, agents are challenged to create high quality content. In fact, it will be one of the keys to real estate marketing success in 2020.

With the growth of social platforms for companies, it is more important than ever to have a presence in all channels where it is necessary. In this way you can share differentiated content in each of them. But it is not an easy task. The days when a single message could reach the masses are left behind.

1.- Snapchat

If you thought that the real estate world would have nothing to do with this application, you were confused. Snapchat is an application that offers many possibilities to be creative. Therefore,  try to show your more human side through your snaps . Let users see that behind your company there are people working .

This will humanize the company for your users. See that you are a group of people who enjoy work, that you have a sense of humor and that you love new technologies. This touch of humanization will be a plus for your brand as you will make the user feel closer and connected with what you ask.

There are already many companies that already use this social network as an advertising tool that offers great advantages if you know how to take advantage of its features. One of the interesting ideas of real estate marketing in 2020 may be to launch a strategy of expired real estate content using Snapchat . Is there a better way to sell an apartment than to show it only for a certain time? It has always been done but through other channels.

2.- Launch an eBook

Electronic books are designed on purpose to be consumed in digital devices. In fact, they are a unique multi-channel marketing tool. They lead the consumer to content directly and with little investment.

They usually exist to offer experiences and entertainment to the audience, but you can use them as a marketing tool for your business. Of course, content writing should not be based solely on your products or services. In fact, if your client wanted to find a house, he would look for other methods.

What you can do is offer additional information. Tips, guides, content that has to do with your business, to complement it. That is not purely promotional, but you should not forget to add a call to action at the end of your eBook. In fact, if you position yourself as an expert on the subject, you will be more likely to have your readers visit your website.

EBooks are a staple of inbound marketing, a discipline that will be exploited in real estate marketing in 2020. Fundamentally because they can help you build engagement with the client so that the next time the user wants to buy a house, you will appear in their ” top of mind “.

3.- Optimized Landing Page

Nothing you do will work if your landing page is not ready for customer visits. And we no longer talk only about visits. Now users are the ones who do all the work by themselves online. What is your job? Make it easy.

The landing page must be clear, simple and intuitive. The less headaches the user has, the more time he will spend with you. The main thing to increase conversions  on landing pages is to understand the behavior of users , to understand what kind of customs and habits they have when they navigate or arrive at your landing page.

The user who lands on a landing page has to find a page that meets their expectations . But also with a space that will take you to perform the action expected by the brand, what is identified as a conversion, be it a purchase, a registration, a download or any other type of action that will usually involve filling out a form by the visitor. Essential aspects in an effective landing page .

4.- The mobile, the absolute king of business

In a short time, users will have no problem finding the programs they use on the desktop computer on their smartphones. Are you ready to deal with your customers through these media? 

The need to create websites optimized for mobile phones and tablets is growing. In fact, you cannot, under any circumstances, neglect this aspect. 60% of website visits arrive from mobile devices. If you have not adapted your content already, it should be your top priority before getting started with the other tips. 

In addition, another differentiating factor in real estate marketing in 2020 that will play in your favor is that you launch an app for your business. It will give you visibility.

5.- 3D infographics

Do you want to know how your house can look after a rehabilitation? Still do not get the idea of ​​renovating spaces that plan from the real estate? Although the solution of infographics and 3D applied to real estate marketing is not something really new, what does point to a real estate marketing trend in 2020 is the union of both techniques.

It is already possible to include tools in digital spaces that allow users to see a before / after in a clear way. That they can even almost browse through the images. And that is a mixture of real image with image created by computer.

The 3D info graphics will provide more dynamic and clear information on how the spaces will be after a reform or on which elements would be better or which paint is appropriate. Something that will help real estate companies a lot in their goal of making sales.

6.-Facebook Live

In 2020 all the tools that combine direct, stories and outdated content will live their boom. At the moment in which aspects such as the quality and speed of the videos are improved, people will connect much more.

In fact, consumers prefer live videos. You know why? Because they generate much more confidence and make everything more human. In a live show there is no possibility of manipulation: what is shown is what there is . What increases credibility.

Therefore, one of the main trends in real estate marketing in 2020 is the direct one. Brands will use it more than ever. Take advantage of both Instagram live and Facebook Live to share exclusive moments. You will earn points with your customers.

7.-The video is the future

All figures support the online video boom. A trend that has done nothing more than increase the volume of videos that are uploaded to different online video platforms. And they credit online video consumption data, as seen in the table above.

In addition, there are dozens of statistics that indicate that the phenomenon of online video is far from exhausted . The video has become the great Internet hook. There is no website that does not include them. Few landing pages refuse to include them and increasingly gain more weight on social networks. And the video dominates the market and triumphs on the Internet.

In this case, in addition to sharing them on your different social platforms, you should group them on YouTube. In fact, it is one of the main channels when looking for a home. But do not stay in the basics of videos, use drones or tools to record 360º. Be original and bring new points of view.

8.- New approach to Email Marketing

The narrative power of content marketing is now a strategic priority. Stories humanize brands, allow them to create emotional bonds with consumers and engage them so that they come back for more.

What if you give a new approach to your emailing campaigns? Present and develop stories for your target. You can write about the anecdotes of several generations that lived in the neighborhood where you sell a house, for example, and leave some intrigue in the client in each email. Unleash your imagination and differ in every way.

Catch up on  good emailing practices to adapt them to your business .

9.- Work your SEO

Make sure your real estate website meets everything in terms of SEO. The presence of your website in the main search engines is essential for success . It is the showcase you have for many people to know you and approach your business.

There are different tools that allow you to improve your positioning, increase the number of visits generated by customers and monitor them. They are essential to guarantee the progress of your company.

An effective SEO strategy can help generate massive free traffic from Google and other search engines. More and more tenants and potential investors use digital searches to investigate properties. Do not stay out of play in this aspect so variable in a short time.

10.- All contents must be personalized

Personalization is one of the keys to real estate marketing in 2020. And of all digital marketing. In addition, one of the channels in which you can exploit this customization in a better way is email marketing.

Send messages only to those subscribers who wait for you at the right time is a guarantee of openings. For this, you must have a  professional email marketing software that allows you to customize from the subject until the time of each shipment.

11.- Video drones

The use of drones is spreading for all types of sectors. The real estate could not be less. Bypassing the possible legal problems of flying drones in certain places, a drone allows any real estate company to offer a totally new perspective of concrete floors and spaces.

In addition, the interesting thing is that drones can not only make video but also photographs with what the material obtained will be of great value. Being differential with respect to the point of view of the property that can offer the competition.

The use of drones’ video is valid for both outdoor and indoor. A tool that will enter the catalog of real estate marketing in 2020 for sure.

12.- Virtual reality

The crisis has forced the real estate sector to launch to try innovations that allow them to show their product in a more interesting way. And, how could it be otherwise, virtual reality has reached real estate marketing in 2020.

Can you visit a house that does not exist? Until now the only way was to build a pilot floor. Now, with virtual reality it will be possible for users to navigate through spaces that do not exist. In fact, it is even possible to customize them for specific segments of the population.

Regardless of whether it is necessary to use VR glasses or other materials, the truth is that virtual reality is a step forward that can modify real estate marketing techniques in 2020.

Real estate marketing in 2020 will touch many important aspects. More than we have shown you today. Among them we can find the use of influencers, which increasingly acquires more value. Success lies not so much in the channel as in the ability to adapt to changes, anticipate and know how to reach your target.

However, many of these marketing trends will be impossible to execute without an appropriate digital marketing strategy. That will happen, on many occasions, by the use of marketing platforms that centralize all your efforts. Cross-Channel Marketing Tools as Director  will help you create a strategy and work together.

The client will be the same. But you will reach them from various channels and with personalized messages. This will increase the chances of conversion.