Benro says its Travel Angel II tripods are Triple Trans functional Tripods. What that means is that it transforms right into a tripod, monopod, or on foot stick. Here’s my fingers-on overview of the way it performs.

This is every other in my collection searching for the first-class tour tripod. You can locate the alternative reviews here.

The C1682TV1 is in Benro’s Travel Angel II collection. In marketing speak run amok, Benro touts them as Triple Trans functional Tripod Kits.

What meaning is that you get a tripod, monopod, and on foot stick in a single. While I can  Best Travel Tripod genuinely see situations in which having a strolling stick available may come in reachable, I don’t forget that as a chunk of a gimmick. More vital are the tripod and monopod capabilities. It’s now not the handiest tour tripod that can be used as both–the Me FOTO Globetrotter, for instance, also can do it–however it could be a totally useful feature if you’re no longer inclined to carry a committed monopod round with you.

The version I’m checking out here is the C1682TV1 ($419). The C stands for Carbon. Benro also makes a slightly smaller, barely lighter, barely weaker, and notably much less steeply-priced aluminum model, the A1692TB0 ($229). There’s additionally a slightly bigger, sturdy, heavier and best slightly greater highly-priced carbon model, the C2682TV2 ($459).

But the C1682TV1 is a good combination of weight, length, and electricity. It weighs in at 3.Five lbs and has a maximum load ability of 32 lbs. It folds down to 17.Three inches.


The Benro Travel Angel II is some other of the tour tripods that folds back on itself. This function is something that Gitzo pioneered in its tour tripods, and it makes a real difference in being capable of hold the overall package compact when folded up to the factor that setting the tripod inner your convey-on is absolutely possible.

The legs have three angles they may be locked at, starting from the ordinary stance to basically flat, in which the toes are splayed extensive and the tripod is ready close to the ground. To get even lower you could dispose of the center column and switch it out for a quick column (provided).

You can also create a monopod. The leg wrapped in foam unscrews from the frame. By itself, it’s tall enough to be a walking stick, and in a pleasing contact, a wooden manage with embedded compass is blanketed, as is a handstrap. You simply screw them on the cease. You can use it that way as a monopod–Benro includes it on its characteristic list as “compact monopod” mode–but for most people it’s no longer tall enough for eye-stage capturing whilst standing. To get it to a top that’s more cozy for standing shooting you unscrew the center column and attach that to the leg. That offers you the more peak to be shooting at eye degree.


The angle locks aren’t spring-loaded–you have to manually push within the lock. But once in region, they’re secure. While I decide on spring-loaded ones like the ones Gitzo Traveler series uses in part due to the fact they make locking and liberating is easier to do with one hand, the ones here do what they’re alleged to do. With the Benro, you launch the lock with the aid of pulling out the mechanism and then folding the leg.

The legs increase in 4 sections with rotating twist locks. The locks are rubberized and offer properly grip. Benro claims that the twist locks use something they name their “Dust Resistant System.” How well that works in practice is a chunk hard to evaluate independently, however with proper care twist-locks are reasonably accurate about keeping dirt out and preventing lock-ups.the rubber toes unscrew. A set of metal spikes are blanketed, that is a pleasant contact.


It comes with a Benro V1 ballhead. It has an Arca Swiss-style plate (a brief launch plate is protected). A unmarried huge knob locks the ball, whilst another locks the lateral rotation. There are degree marking for lateral rotation and a bubble stage on top. Overall, the pinnacle may be very, very similar to the only on the Induro Grand Turismo.


It’s rated to keep as much as 32.5 lbs, that’s masses for the styles of makes use of you’re probably to be the usage of a small tripod like this for.