Colocation Defination:

Our London data centers are an integral part of our data center portfolio. Our London service supplies highly connected colocation space with access to core telecommunication suppliers, service providers (ISPs) and Internet Exchanges (IXPs), our cloud access guarantees lower latency and reduced connectivity costs.

Cheap Server colocation uk


As information centre experts we are the trusted foundation for small companies to multi Megawatt deployments throughout the globe to global enterprises with requirements from single closets.



Our colocation offering presents:

Safety — mission critical data is always secure and available.

Connectivity — low latency, higher density connectivity into ecosystems and cloud platforms. By obtaining multiple connections through numerous service providers from 1 21, simplify hybrid cloud deployment and power that your business activities.

Cheap Server colocation uk — provision of dedicated connectivity to the Top Cloud Service Providers; AWS Direct Link, Oracle FastConnect, Google Cloud Interconnect and IBM Direct Link.

Multi Cloud accessibility — allowing connections to multiple clouds, partners and networks.

Scalable Services — expand your reach with network-neutral colocation solutions.

Flexible and Efficient Services — manage your IT environment in real time, spend less time on data management.


Move-in Able

Colocation — move-in ready cages and cabinets to satisfy your hybrid IT needs, with colocation options that adjust and scale as your needs change.

Personal Suites — Love the solitude and management of a dedicated data centre without major capital investment. Select from a range of service providers, degrees of connectivity choices and redundancy, power configurations.

Committed to Sustainability

In Digital Realty we are dedicated to sustainably managing our ecological impact and optimising our use of electricity. Our intent is to electricity all data centers with renewable energy. This has been attained within our Colocation and Interconnectivity Business and also our EMEA portfolio. Improving information centres’ energy efficiency is a priority to the organisation.

Safety — At Digital Realtywe all know that correctly protecting your valuable assets is fundamental to a organisation’s achievement. Whether you are an enterprise client with solutions throughout the globe or a smaller operator your critical equipment and information are protected with our security attributes.

Compliance Pros

We offer comprehensive compliance applications with stringent requirements to meet industry standards, enabling more than 2300 organisations to host their information and critical applications in compliant information centers globally.

Services Designed to Your Criteria — completely customise our build-to-suit data centers to meet your special requirements or pick a fit-out-ready data centre building to be usable in less time.

Quick Response Support Service – Our remote hands technicians function as an elongated member of your in-house team of specialists to help deliver the highest quality of performance to suit your requirements. Services can be found on-demand or may be scheduled ahead of time. The Digital Realty Remote Hands Service performs a vast variety of management and troubleshooting tasks to keep your business functioning. Coverage is 24×7, 365 days a year.


Example On-Demand Services

  • One-time tape swaps — tapes for backup systems are altered on request
  • Power cycling of gear — perform hard or soft reboots
  • Installation of patch cables
  • Assist with transportation of big pieces of equipment within the information center

Example Scheduled Services

  • Cross Connect infrastructure — install momentary loopbacks
  • Gear inventory
  • Rack and pile of gear and structured cabling installation
  • On-site service for maintenance windows