The time to wait for a reply from the server is a certain length of time spent passing the data packet that you sent using the browser into the host and back. The delay depends on the connection rate and the load of all channels over the distance .

With the assistance of a typical stopwatch, it’s impossible to measure the reaction time of this server, this requires specially made services.

Server reaction time is dependent upon many factors.

There are at least a few dozen of similar services that offer these colocation uk services in the global network. The most popular and convenient:

Host-tracker. Com server monitoring services

Checking response instrument Yandex server. Webmaster

WEBO Pulsar

Traditionally, along with the BOC measurement, a report is created on whether the site is accessible or not. In that case, if not, then its downtime is formed.


Depending on the procedure chosen for checking the reaction time of this machine, the next is dispensed:

HEAD check. You can find out information regarding the waiting and availability time to get a response from a website that is chosen. Just the reply headers are tracked. The text of the response will not be transmitted, hence the VOS will probably be slightly less than with other methods.

GET method check. This type of HTTP link is used in cases of queries. You may optionally define keywords to look for in a specific document, when assessing with this process. Compliance of a record with the given request contributes not just to the announcement although the website is available, but also functions . The type of HTTP connection, used mainly for several changes of data on a particular server. This sort of link can be characterized by the majority of sites, the state of that depends upon the data. During the confirmation process, the user is authenticated, different forms, etc..

The fixed average response time of this host differs from the average time by the simple fact that it does not take into account random dimensions of emissions. Take it this way about 120 dimensions are taken for a single server. measurements are taken. After calculating the corrected typical for 24 hours, just 5 are used in the six dimensions . This usually means that the adjusted average is known as not for 120 dimensions, but just for 100.

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The normal response time of the server is considered as the arithmetic average of the measurements taken in one day. Rejection measurements when calculating the time is not carried out.

The maximum response time of the server is that the maximum response time obtained by the measurement system throughout the day. This reaction time in the host by the calculation system is 75 seconds. But there are also tiny delays.

The minimal response time is the minimum time frame for a host to answer a system request per day. A short time can indicate good server activity and fast denial of service.

The standard deviation in connection to the adjusted average is calculated from precisely the same worth as the corrected average reaction time. With the support of this deviation it is possible to assess the amount of equilibrium of the server activity, or instead the principles under which the requests are implemented. Stable can be secure service failures that are slow or fast, but also reliable operation from the service requests.