A good umbrella should survive this test, the whales should not break and the umbrella should return to its shape when you simulate the gust in the opposite direction. If not, avoid purchasing.

For compact umbrellas, we perform the same test and in addition to this, it is essential to test the telescopic mechanism. Basically: you open and close the umbrella as much as possible. Do it about thirty times, if you feel that the umbrella is unrolling less well or has a tendency to hang after thirty opening it is a very bad sign!

The rights have the distinction of having a longer mast but also and above all of having a larger canvas (which is not a negligible point). Generally in more noble materials… The wrist is in the form of a comma, which is useful in many situations! funky umberella

big umbrellaExample of a straight umbrella

They also have a “tap on the ground” (the rod that protrudes from the umbrella), which allows you to rest on it.

There are obviously variations, such as the shepherd’s umbrella or golf. Bigger and more solid.

What use?

Before going further, it is important to identify the use of this future umbrella.

Indeed, depending on your geographic location you will not have the same needs. Some will have to face strong winds, so you will have to head towards reinforced whale models (the rods which support the canvas) or even lined fabrics which will let the wind escape through small holes at the top of the umbrella.

solid umbrellaPoor logistics!

These two details are often found on Golf models, which are not very suitable for everyday life since they are basically reserved for golf players!funky umberella

We will therefore check the quality of the whales, fiberglass is a wise choice because it is more flexible than steel, so it will not break if your umbrella turns over.

An ultra rigid frame is ultimately not such a good idea because in case of strong winds you risk flying away with your umbrella! So opt for fiberglass frames, this will save you some setbacks. In addition to better protecting you from lightning, metal attracts lightning!

choose couple umbrellaThey don’t ask it

A standard umbrella for one person measures approximately 95-100cm, a golf umbrella approximately 120-130cm. It is therefore essential to reflect on this question, if it is to go out as a couple prefer the purchase of a large umbrella.


For personal use, the standard umbrella is more suitable … You may be ridiculous by being alone under a golf umbrella, in addition to fail to make passers-by look!


Personally, I always go towards standard sizes and I advise you to do the same… You will thank me the day when you will have to shelter this pretty young girl under your umbrella (or else you will come to insult me ​​in the comments of this article because an unfortunate “pony breath” will have had the audacity to beg a little of your generosity to be able to take shelter under your umbrella!) and as a gentleman, you always accept!