Small maintenance tips

In strong winds, hold your umbrella with both hands , one on the handle and the other on the top of the mast, so there is no risk of the mat twisting or worse, breaking.

If there are gusts and your umbrella is manual, do not hesitate to lower the canvas a little, you will always be protected but the tension will be less at the level of the whales and the canvas  funky umberella.

When you fold up a wet umbrella and want to drain it, hold it by the handle while holding the whales in your hand, this to prevent any play being created at the whale fixation.

Yes, you may be ridiculous when you open and close the umbrella 30 times, but it’s for a good cause! Second solution: buy a real manual umbrella (right) to avoid this test.

these tips if you don’t want your umbrella to end up in there

Let your umbrella dry wide open to avoid mold and rust.

Thanks to the Advel blog for these tips

Regarding the drying of your umbrella, it is essential to dry it open to avoid rust (as indicated just above) BUT if your whales are made of fiberglass, it is useless because they will not rust (non-corrosive).


Besides, for the anecdote, opening an umbrella inside a room is not bad luck! It was the 19th century parasoliers who invented this myth to encourage people to use their umbrellas faster (because of poor maintenance) and therefore change them more quickly (scheduled obsolescence, you say?)

funky umberella

solid umbrellaLet your umbrella dry like this


There are still a few small shops that make fully artisanal and tailor-made umbrellas. Here are some addresses:

Do not hesitate to go to this shop, you will have access to very high-end, it is excellent to see what a quality umbrella looks like.

For other brands (high-end)

solid cherbourg umbrella

French houses :


Excellent umbrellas of French manufacture , count all the same a minimum budget of 100 €. Distributed everywhere in France, do not hesitate to consult the list of resellers to find a store near you. For the anecdote, this brand made “the armored umbrella”, it was originally designed to protect Sarkozy during his travels. I leave you a short video at the end of the article to find out more.


Very good brand. The design of the umbrellas is not particularly interesting for my taste but the quality is there (fiberglass)! This brand has the merit of being very well distributed in France, you will easily find a store that sells it (I invite you to click on the link below to find the address closest to you).


Quite little distributed outside of Paris unfortunately… A brand that is more dedicated to women, you will still find some interesting umbrellas for men in beautiful fabrics.