How can I help my children buy their home?

Do you want to help your children start building their wealth? Here are some options so you can help them become independent by buying their own home.

We know that all parents care about the future of their children and that they will always try to help them to the best of their ability.

If your children are reaching adulthood, surely your concerns already include ensuring that they can have their own home, since you know that it is a good that needs to reach a certain economic level and that requires a lot of responsibility. For this we tell you some ways in which you can help your children to acquire their own property at Blue world city Islamabad , beyond the inheritance from parents to children.

How can I help my children buy a home?

  • Donating money
  • Through a personal loan between family members
  • Being your endorsement

Donating money

One of the ways you can help your child buy his first home is through Blue Group of Companies or a donation of money from parents to children. That is, give you a certain amount of money without waiting for your return or something in return.

If your intention is to give him aid as a gift, this may be an option, however, you should know that, when you are talking about a large sum of money, you should inform the tax authorities about the donation and it is likely that they must pay taxes.

Therefore, it is important that you inform yourself, based on the amount you want to donate, about all the implications that donating money from parents to children entails and thus decide if it is a good option for you.

Through a personal loan between family members

If, on the other hand, you want to help your child acquire his first property, but at the same time, you want him to take responsibility for this, you can choose to give him money as a loan to buy his house. In other words, your child must return the amount that you give him.

For this, the loan must be documented before a notary, where you and your child must sign a contract, in which you as a lender agree to lend a certain amount of money, and your child as a borrower agrees to pay you monthly in a certain amount. term.

This, being a loan between family members, is an interest-free loan, unless otherwise agreed. It is worth mentioning that this action is also exempt from paying taxes, which makes it a very favorable option, since you will be helping your child, inciting his responsibility and without paying taxes or interest.

Being your endorsement

Once your child already has the necessary capital to be able to get a real estate through a mortgage, you can also help him by offering to be his guarantee. It is known that accepting to be someone’s guarantee is not easy due to the commitment that is acquired through this action, so surely your child may find it difficult to find someone who accepts these implications and probably needs your help for this. Although, being his guarantee would mean committing yourself to answer for the debt that you acquire in the contracting of the credit in case you default on your payment, everything will depend on your responsibility and your trust in it.


Consider these options and decide how to help your children begin to build their future and their wealth.

In case you are also interested in inheriting a property to your children, we explain what the inheritance of property from parents to children consists of and its implications , as well as other options for you to decide the most convenient one.