With Fig TreeWith regards to paco Rabanne 1 Million Bottle Its seasonality, Paco Rabanne 1 Million is a winter, fragrance that could also be worn throughout the autumn months. Its bouquet of resin and citrus are reminiscent of crackling fires and chilly festive evenings. As mentioned earlier you may visualised Old Fashioned or the wine.


But, it’s definitely still wearable throughout the spring When the weather is a small fresh. But, it might turn out to be too heavy. That said, it may be a selection for late summer time spent clubbing on the shore.


As mentioned before, 1 Million is uniquely designed For men in your mind. It’s something that will appeal to those with more adult tastes. Women who appreciate this don’t to be older then their twenties.


Moreover, the time of day best suited to 1 Million tends To be the night but it could be used as a casual odor that was casual. Nevertheless, it will function as the most successful through certain nocturnal activities.


Likewise, this is not a particularly fragrance to Wear on special or formal events. It’s also far too overpowering in the workplace for use and will be met with colleagues. You might opt to wear it for a date but being so common, it carries its own dangers.


Ultimately, 1 Million is an overtly masculine fragrance and Quite powerful. It’s not acceptable for men with more modest palates or for unisex wear. But a women’s version is available known as Lady Million.

one million paco rabanne


However you may feel about 1 Million, it’s bottle is undeniably iconic. Designed as a smooth slab appear to be a bullion ingot, there’s a glass reservoir at the back. The logo is stamped into the metal plate and the atomiser is embedded in the top.


Paco Rabanne 1 Million Bottle Fire ReflectionOn the topic, The atomiser is sensible but not so smooth to handle. A mild half-press will produce a cloud which is greater than ample for a single application.


Likewise, the packaging replicates the bottle itself as a Smooth, gold box with”1 million” boldly written on the top one million paco rabanne.


1 Million is quite pricey despite its Overwhelming popularity. You would expect its value to drop because of its popularity but the demand must be enough to keep it high.


A 100 ml (3.4 Oz) bottle usually retails approximately $65. But, there are a number of deals. Otherwise, the prices are had on FragranceX.


Closing Thoughts


Possibly a victim of its achievement, Paco Rabanne 1 Million Is equally loved and hated by many. However it is still an good fragrance. Personally, I still find it enjoyable. Yet it’s far from being a today and not something that I could wear. My palate has changed with age.


But BUFF (Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula) is tough To cheat and despite my tastes, it marks very highly. Therefore, 1 Million is definitely a highly recommended and viable Selection for young guys in their teens or early twenties.