How to use boat shoes?

Men are increasingly falling in love with boat shoes, which are comfortable, practical and stylish at the same time. You can put them on everything, they provide real comfort when you have to get wet on a boat and move on land at the same time. Then follow the tips here to take care of your shoes.

To remove encrusted stains, use an abrasive eraser. Be careful not to flake the shoes.


Caring for the down

To make your sebago boat shoes regain fluff, lightly pass a nubuck brush over them. The Timberland Earthkeepers Heritage Boat 2 Eye, of a rare elegance, require for example a meticulous maintenance, because comprising a part in full grain leather and mainly of Premium nubuck. Aerosols specially designed for this purpose refresh the color and restore radiance to old shoes.




Take care of full grain leather shoes

Apply a shoe polish the same color as the shoes, black, brown or white, let it dry for a few minutes, then rub or brush well to make it shine. If you have for example opted for the Beverly Originals Leather Man, remember to clean them well before waxing.


His shoes blend with any look and draw attention to them. You can put them to go to town or visit family in Brittany.


Fix oversized shoes

Do not rush to return the shoes after you receive them or if they are slightly larger. Put on a pair of thick socks to tighten the inside. If necessary, put on several socks at the same time. If it is 38 ° C outside, avoid them. Your toes can sweat big. Instead, pad the head of your boat shoes with a tissue or paper. Preferably, fold the band over the ball of the foot before putting on the shoes.





Correct bad posture

If your feet tend to slide a few inches in your shoes back and forth, consider stabilizing them to solve the problem by adding a sole.


Pay attention to the thickness. If necessary, orient yourself towards the half-soles intended to be placed at the level of the soles of the feet. In TBS Globek, you are not likely to face this kind of concern. Besides, they are fitted with Technigrip rubber soles, preventing you from slipping on wet ground.


Remove sweat odor from shoes

Start by cleaning the shoes. It is not a question of immersing them in water, at the risk of damaging them. Gently scrub the inside with a sponge dipped in a mixture of baking soda and soapy water, then wring out will suffice. Follow with a dry cloth and blow in the dryer at room temperature.  




Maintain the insoles

If it is often not recommended to immerse the shoes themselves in water, it is different for the soles, which can be removed. Preferably do it in soapy water and rinse thoroughly before drying them in the open air.


People tend to start with this criterion. When they go to the store where to buy new boat shoes, they flock to the pair that appeals to them, and only afterwards assess its quality of manufacture and the comfort it offers.


Shoes are real fashion accessories. The practical side tends to be relegated to the background.