The energy label, essential for comparing products

At a glance, it allows you to assess electricity consumption, shark rotator professional manual performance, dust removal efficiency.

Previously, European regulations required classifying products from A to G, A corresponding to the most efficient energy class and G to the least efficient energy class.

Colored arrows are used to differentiate products with high energy efficiency from those with low energy efficiency: dark green indicates a very effective product and red indicates an ineffective product.

Pictograms indicate the selected performances and characteristics:

Energy efficiency class

Annual energy consumption in kWh based on 50 hours of operation

Dust emission retention class

Dust removal performance class on carpet-carpet or / and hard floors depending on the intended use of the device

Noise level in dB

shark rotator professional manual

Each energy label has its own energy label:

Carpet-carpet vacuum cleaners / hard floors;

Vacuum cleaners for hard floors;

Vacuums for carpets and rugs.

The power of the devices: consumed or useful?

Since September 1, 2014, European regulations have imposed manufacturers’ performance and design requirements. The maximum power consumed by the device is limited to 1600 watts (EU regulation n ° 666/2013). This threshold will again be lowered in 2017 to be limited to 900 watts.

It is therefore important to know what we are talking about when we talk about power. Indeed, in the technical sheets of the devices systematically appears the power of the device expressed in watt.

It can easily be mistakenly believed that the device with the highest value is the best performing device. This characteristic corresponds in fact to the theoretical maximum electric power consumed by the device.

However, as with any electrical appliance, there is a difference between the electrical power consumed and the actual power (which we will call useful power). The latter is never or very rarely given to consumers. The diagram below shows the correspondence between the power consumed and the useful power. We can see, for example, that the vacuum cleaner that needs the most energy to operate is not necessarily the vacuum cleaner that performs best.

Link between the power consumed and the useful power (source: INC)

For more information: see the results of the comparative test of canister vacuums published in the September 2016 monthly magazine of 60 Million consumers (paid content).

Product presentation: ILIFE V5 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Dust Collector Gold Cleaning Machine EUTop of page


This vacuum cleaner is an electronic product, therefore cannot be used on wet floors.

Main Features:

  1. Large cleaning area

This robot vacuum cleaner can clean a large area up to 100 – 130 square meters.

  1. Anti-collision system

It’s smart to avoid a collision and the front bumper protects furniture from damage.

  1. Intelligent fall avoidance induction

The infrared sensors at the bottom detect the large deviation, avoid obstacles and automatically change direction by inductor. No fall!

  1. Four cleaning modes

Automatic cleaning, stain cleaning, edge cleaning, reservation cleaing, which makes cleaning so easy.

  1. OBS field detection system

The OBS field detection system makes this robot vacuum cleaner recognize the barrier and avoid collisions

6.7mm Slim Design

It allows this cleaner to work in the narrow space, it is possible to clean the bottom of furniture and corners.

  1. 65db low noise

65DB silent low noise gives you a quiet environment, you can have fun.

  1. 500pa strong suction

It is easy to adsorb dust, hair, paper, reduce PM2.5 pollution

  1. IR remote control

You can control the cleaning robot easily within 4m.

  1. 12mm Climbing

 It has 12mm climbing function 10 degrees of climbing height.

  1. Double filtration dust box

Thoroughly swept away dust and garbage!

  1. LED Indicators on the product showing the operating status
  2. Two charging modes: Automatic charging, manual charging
  3. Suitable for cement floor, ceramic, wooden floor, short pile carpet, etc.