shark rotator professional manual

What are the criteria to remember when I want to buy my shark rotator professional manual?


For this device, when we talk about autonomy, it is actually the capacity of the tank, that is to say the extent of floors and surfaces that you will be able to cover before the tank is empty . Depending on the intensity of use, the devices will have an autonomy varying from 20 minutes to almost 2 hours. So remember to calculate your spaces in order to know which device will be the most suitable!

In addition, concerning handling, think carefully about the criteria of weight and storage. Indeed, steam cleaners have weights varying between 2kg and more than 10kg, so it is important that you consider your use. So, for excellent autonomy, choose light models to avoid muscle pain.

The heating time, finally, can take between 30 seconds and 11 minutes depending on the devices. Brands like Polti or Karcher assure you a reasonable heating time, even reaching records.


Although the different products presented in this steam cleaner comparison have been designed with reasonable prices in mind, buying a steam cleaner remains an investment that must be considered. So, it is important that you invest in quality equipment, that is to say a product that will last over time and despite regular or even frequent use. Some vacuum cleaners tend to break down after a year, which means that you do not pay for your investment for the use you have.

However, apart from consumer reviews, it is sometimes difficult to test the reliability of a product. The last solution, in this case, is to turn to trusted brands, that is to say brands that have proven that they were able to provide you with very good products. For this reason, using brands like Polti or Karcher is a guarantee of serious confidence.


You will indeed find, as in our comparison, different types of steam vacuum cleaners and other high pressure cleaners. The main distinction between the models is at the suction level. Either the product will be called a steam vacuum cleaner, in which case it will vacuum at the same time that it cleans with steam, or it will be called a combination cleaner, that is to say that the two functions will be distinct.

In order to make your choice, refer to the use you wish to have of your cleaner. Also don’t hesitate to consider your different floors: some may ask you to separate the two functions.

In order to adapt energy labeling to technological developments and to strengthen European legislation has been revised and adds classes which now go up to class A +++ ”(Directive 2010/30 / EU of May 19, 2010 and Delegated Regulation (EU ) 665/2013 of the commission of May 3, 2013).

The labels are identical in the 28 EU Member States and offer a maximum of 7 classes: from A to G from 2014 until the end of 2016 and from A +++ to D from 2017.

Colored arrows are used to differentiate products with high energy efficiency from those with low energy efficiency: dark green indicates a very effective product and red indicates an ineffective product.