Thinkware F770 Dual Channel Dash Camera Review


The Thinkware F770 (Amazon Link) is best recommendation for Anyone trying to find a premium front and back camera for recording that is parked. It comprises numerous useful features not seen in cheaper cameras including overheating protection, video document backups, energy efficiency and also parking incident reports.It is expensive at $400 with diminishing returns on worth. For many it’s not worth the money. For recording two individual cameras may be of value however, you can miss out on convenience and reliability.





April 4th While a good is still presented by the F770 Option for a camera that was dual-channel, we’ve obtained a bunch of premium cameras that will be a part of a full review coming out later. To view our recommendations that are high please check our our Best Dash Cams Article.


August 30th, 2017: We have purchased the F800 of Thinkware to get Testing using all the F800 Professional coming out later on. The two cameras are equipped with a processor, detector and some new features. We’ll add our evaluation results here and launch a full review. If prices for F800 and the F770 are similar it may be worth obtaining the F800.


June 30th, 2017We recommend the Lexar 633X due To improved reports of failures in dashboard cameras. We don’t own a 128GB recommendation with a warranty. We are on the lookout for a replacement today.


Video Review


Watch this movie to find out the essentials concerning the Thinkware F770


The Camera


F750 at a New Body. Even the thinkware f770 review is a model designed for the North American to be more laborious. It utilizes exactly the identical video hardware of the older F750 but affects the human body to be thinner and not as noticeable. Some users have updated their F750 utilizing the F770 firmware that shows Thinkware did not do a lot of to improve about the F770.M Video Hardware Thinkware uses the elderly Ambarella A7 image processor in comparison with the newer A12 chip. Exactly the A7LA85 which is the model allowing for 1080P recording for back and front camera is used by it.


Raw & video Quality Videos




Summary The movie quality is among the best I have seen for Channel cameras under $600. The QVIA Z970 using all the mechanical zooming lens may be improved but the 575 USD price tag is a bit much. Still it doesn’t match dashboard cameras we examined to the single lens that is 100. It’s going to be a while before channel cameras can approach that level of quality for a price that is fair. The tech isn’t here yet.


[twocol_one] Quality vs $50 A118 To my eyes Just under our $50 recommendation during daytime hours at the dynamic selection and sharpness






Download Raw Pictures: A118 — F770 [/ / twocol_one][twocol_one_last] Vs Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Against Blackvue with the newest 10mbps/5mbps bitrate firmware the quality Is Quite similar to my eyes






Download Raw Pictures: DR650 — F770 [/twocol_one_last]


Vs A118 and A119 At night the video quality enriches The 50 A118 but it’s clear it is no match to the 100 A119 which provides exceptional video quality and functionality.








Download Raw Videos: A118 — A119 — F770 Vs Blackvue Here we may observe the array is far better about the F770 however the sharpness of all license plates is about the same. This can be filmed using the firmware which limits the front bitrate .






Download Raw Pictures: DR650 — F770


Rear Camera


[twocol_one] Daytime Quality Comparing it against Blackvue It’s very obvious the F770 is far superior on account of the resolution and hardware in clarity and sharpness. 720P is used by the DR650GW whilst F770 is 1080p for the back camera.