Yes, you might have chosen to avail martial karate classes. The first thing you might need would karate mats. Kudos! You are well on the way to become a self-confident individual full of vision. But before heading to the class there are some other pointers that you need to be aware off

Karate uniform

It could be that you might be having a uniform before you reach the class or once after reaching the class you might have. Either way, you need to make some adjustments to the same. Say, for example, you might have to wear a tank top under the uniform as the V neck with a karate uniform does appear to be on the lower side. If you are wearing anything under your uniform you might not want any marking on it. If the uniform does not fit then you would face some other problem. There would be no need to worry as if you do not have a karate uniform the instructors could help you.

Bring water

One thing that you would realize in due course of time would be that karate would be a cardio driven sport. In an average martial class, a person goes on to burn around 1000 calories at a single go. This would be a new form of exercise that would take some time in order to get going. When you are exercising do make it a point that you have a bottle of water with you.  This would ensure that hydration levels are power and at the same time you are comfortable.


Before you enter the class make it a point that you shower and carry deodorant with you. This would be a definite must. In such classes, you might have to work with a partner. Each of us would appreciate the considerations of having to work with a clean partner. It would mean one less thing that you need to worry about. No one would want to be thinking on the elements of self-conscious as they would have gone on to leave behind the deodorant.

Make it a point that your nails have the necessary trimming. Long nails are not comfortable for your cloth and during classes you could feel the pinch of it. As you are going to barefoot do ensure that the feet are clean. If you are having any medical issues it would be beneficial that you discuss the concern with your instructor before you start off the classes. It means they can go on to make the necessary set of accommodations for you.


To conclude the sports of martial arts would be a sport where a sense of discipline. In fact, the structure of the sport would also seem to be bit complex. In case if you are not aware of all the terms no need to worry about. It would be perfectly ok and in due course, you will learn things.