We have seen that the placement of a wedding ring is always done on the fourth finger which is called a ring finger. In Western cultures, this special ring is worn on the left hand and in a few of the cultures, this ring is placed on the right hand. It has been witnessed centuries after centuries that wearing a wedding ring on the fourth finger is associated with love, romance and affection feelings. It is on the basis of some cultural beliefs and religious practices that this norm is followed. If you have bought Damascus rings for your wedding days, then you will also follow this same tradition, that is wearing the ring on your fourth finger of your left hand.

History of Wearing a Wedding Ring on Fourth Finger- The Ring Finger

  • This is the utmost belief which is possessed by the Ancient Romans, it is that they consider their fourth finger as a ring finger. They have this clear belief that the vein of the left hand finger led and reaches directly to the heart. This vein is called with the name of “vena amoris,” it all means the “vein of love.” This tradition has become one of the generally accepted practices in most of the cultures. Moreover, to view the latest pictures of Damascus wedding band designs, keep in touch with us.
  • Talking about its historical perspective, we came to know that the Roman Empire began this norm and trend as early as 750 B.C. And the historical Christian wedding ceremonies, their ring exchange ceremony usually get started at the thumb all in the name of the Father. Then we have the first finger in the name of the Son,” the second finger in the name of Holy Ghost and the fourth finger goes to “Amen.”

Significance of this wedding ring placement

  • The overall significance of this wedding ring’s placement, it is quite high and obvious. This placement and position have now become a symbol of marriage. A ring on this specific finger evokes this specific and particular message that a certain person is married.
  • The overall idea and conception the “vena amoris”, it largely and basically signifies that the marriage is grounded and founded on the basis of love. On the other hand, the Christian wedding tradition and norm of wearing the ring on the fourth finger, it is also religiously significant.

Wearing the wedding ring exactly on the fourth finger has turn out to be a cultural norm

Wearing and putting on the wedding ring on the fourth finger, it has turn out and become a cultural norm on the specific notes. It is now respected as a sign and symbol of people’s bonding and love as well as commitment level to their spouses.

How you look at this norm, share your feedback with us. If you know the norms of other cultures that what they believe with respect to wearing wedding rings and engagements rings on specific fingers, then share those norms with us as well.